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Does it cost me as a company to use your service?

Yes, our  service is a Contingency Search Fee that is only charged to you as a placement fee if we are successful at finding a candidate that you actually hire.


I am a looking for a Fresh Graduate and want to know if you can help me find such a person?

As a general rule, companies only use us to bring experienced candidates on board who have two or more years of on the job experience.  However, when we are able to find a fresh graduate for you, there is no charge to you.  We basically offer the service at no charge to gain good will for the future.


If I already have contacted another recruiting company, can you also represent us to candidates? 

In some cases we are not the exclusive search agency and yes we usually can work with a contingency basis in these multi search firm scenarios. 


How much is a reasonable amount to expect in salary increase when a candidate changes to a new company and position?

Generally a salary increase of from 10-12% seems to be the norm.  Additionally, the cost of living may be also factored in to any final salary calculation.  With consideration of the internal equity (current employees’ salaries) it may be necessary to factor in this aspect as well.  If a company is not careful, a newly hired person, at a salary that is too high, may lead to current employees becoming unhappy and even leaving.  In summary, the compensation issue can be delicate and needs to be handled with care and consideration of all factors and all parties affected.


Will Quality Search ever send me a candidate without his, or her,  knowledge or permission?

No, we will not send you a candidate without their prior approval.  There is an exception where a candidate has given us permission to market him or her  by sending them to a host of potential Employers.  If the company shows an interest we will then disclose actual name and contact information.


If I see a candidate on your Available Professionals site whom I am interested in, which recruiter should I contact?

You should go through the Quality Search Recruiter that is indicated on the profile posting. You also may simply inquire directly to Quality Search and a recruiter will be assigned to you.


What is the definition of your Services?

We as recruiters shall source potential employees (Candidates) for selection by you as our Client in such numbers and with the skills, experience, and training necessary to meet the requirements specified by you from time to time.  Client will provide Recruiter with a job description specifying the position and other necessary information such as salary range etc. for which it is seeking Recruits (the “Job Order”). 

Client shall be responsible for determining the suitability and qualifications of all Recruits.  All decisions to offer employment to a Recruit shall be made by Client. Unless specified by a retainer for a particular position, the retention of Recruiter is on a non-exclusive basis, and Client may source candidates directly or through other recruiting firms.


What is your Fee Structure?

In the event that Recruiter engages in a search for a suitable Candidate (“Recruit”) pursuant to a  Job Order and presents a Recruit to Client; and such Recruit is hired for the position, Client will pay Recruiter a placement fee equal to a percent of the Recruit’s annual base pay.  Terms are net 30 days of starting date. “Base pay” shall include base salary, but shall not include any sign-on bonus, relocation costs, target bonuses, stock or stock options, employee dividends or other benefits.  If a candidate is hired by Client through its own recruiting, through another recruiting firm or through direct submission by the candidate, no placement fee shall be due.  In other words, we operate nas a “Contingency Search Firm”.


What is your Normal Manner of Search?

Recruiter will represent the Client’s business in an objective and verifiable manner using publicly available resources and information or information provided by Client at Client’s discretion.  This may include a Company Profile and Map of the location(s) that is developed from research in the public domain.  Any negative or unsubstantiated information will not be used.  Client will honor the referral of a Candidate for a period of one (1) year from the date of submission to the Client.  In the case of a duplicate submission by two Recruiting Agencies, Client will rely on the statement of the Candidate as well as supporting Email documentation to determine the fair payment to the recruiter that actually talked to and recruited the Candidate; provided, however, that, in the aggregate, Client shall not pay more than the contingency fee set forth above in section 3 for any such recruitment services provided by any such Recruiting Agencies. 


What is your normal guarantee policy? 

In the event that a Recruit shall be hired by Client, and such Recruit shall voluntary leave employment with Client, or be fired for cause, except involuntary termination without cause, during the first ninety (90) days of employment, Recruiter shall either replace the Recruit at no additional cost to the Client or if that fails, will provide the Client a pro-rated refund.  The pro-rated calculation is 1/90th per day; i.e. after 45 days 50% would be due back to the Client, etc.


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