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Decision Process After Receiving An Offer:

Once you have received an offer from a Client company, you will be giving it your earnest thoughts and consideration.  We hope and trust that you will make a decision that is right for you.  Many factors come in to play and with many important decisions, rarely are all factors 100% in favor, or against.  In fact, most things have shades of gray, some unknowns and uncertainties.  In fact if one waits until everything is 100% certain on anything, the person will probably never be ready to make any decision, as something will always be an unknown or uncertain factor.   

However there is usually a slight edge and favor in one direction or the other and that allows you to take a small step in a direction despite the unknown.  We often take this small step based on what we refer to as our intuition or feeling in our gut.  Experts tell us that this intuitive feeling, often referred to as the “Gut Feeling” can be likened to a second brain.  Furthermore, they indicate that what actually happens is that all your thoughts, facts you have accumulated and details are constantly being analyzed and processed by both your conscious and unconscious minds, day and night.  In fact this process goes on even when you sleep and that is why we often wake up with a solution to a problem after sleeping on it.  Furthermore, the “Gut Feeling” is usually right.  It is far more than just a hunch; it is the result of a great deal of analysis that happens, much in the backplane and at an unconscious level!

Any important decision might be likened to a large tree being felled.  At first it begins to tilt slightly in a direction and then, as it gains a momentum, it goes faster and eventually moves all in its path to be finally on the ground.  As with the tree falling, once the first step is taken in a direction for any decision, issues and items that appeared to be obstacles tend to become speed bumps, rather than road blocks, and the final outcome becomes a successful situation. 
We at
Quality Search certainly wish you a good decision process and a positive outcome for you current decision, and we hope that the above is helpful to you.  Please reach out to your Recruitment Representative to further discuss any questions as they will be glad to listen to your thoughts and give their honest assessment and help. 

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Sincerely, The Quality Search Team

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