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David R. Wolfe
Co-Founder of "The Wolfe Group"

David Wolfe - Co-Founder of The Wolfe Group

David Wolfe was the Co-Founder, son and Partner of Jeff Wolfe in forming The Wolfe Group.  He graduated with a Degree in Marketing from the Indiana University School of Business and had a very successful career as a Professional Cyclist competing in the highest level Category 1, both Nationally and Internationally.   He was a vital force both in his athletic competition and in his business drive and initiative in the early days of The Wolfe Group as both a partner and professional recruiter.  David resided in Chesterton Indiana, near Chicago, and we will always be inspired by the passion and drive that were exemplified in his winning spirit.  He will always be in our minds and hearts.

                                      March 12, 1975 - June 18, 2006


Jeffrey R. Wolfe
Co-Founder - The Wolfe Group - President , Quality Search

Jeff Wolfe - Co-Founder & President

Prior to Co-Founding "The Wolfe Group", Jeff Wolfe had a very successful Sales and Sales Management career spanning three decades with several Fortune 500 companies. This included Pitney Bowes, Polycom Corporation and Xerox Corporation where he was a leading performer in Sales and Sales Management for 18 years!  In 1988, Mr. Wolfe began recruiting, representing Quality Search.  Eventually he, along with his son David, eventually formed The Wolfe Group together.  In 2007, The Wolfe Group purchased Quality Search when the founder, Jim Jeselnick retired after 27 years at the helm.  Mr. Wolfe lives in Chesterton Indiana, near Chicago, and is the father of three sons, one daughter and has four grandsons.  His hobbies include doing things with his grandchildren, sailing, biking, running, writing and traveling. 

Judy A. Bouchard
Senior Researcher

Judy Bouchard - Senior Researcher

Prior to joining Quality Search in 2005 as a Research Assistant, Judy Bouchard was involved in Special Learning programs with Special Needs individuals where she helped people to re-invent their life styles.  Her experience working with people and her strong desire to help has made her an invaluable asset to the Quality Search Team.  Judy first attended the University of Michigan where she studied Horticulture and Landscaping, later switching to Olivete College where she focused on Liberal Arts.  Her ambition has enabled her to rise to the role of the Senior Researcher at the firm. She is the proud parent of two adult children, Erik and Ashley, and just recently a grandson.   Judy resides in Chesterton Indiana and her main interest is being with her family and her hobbies are running, cycling and sailing.   

Murphy The Cat
Junior Company Mascot

Sasha The Cat
Senior Company Mascot

Sasha is the Senior Mascot and has been
with the parent company, The Wolfe Group
since the very first day.  She is the mother
of Murphy and she oversees everything!

Murphy is our Junior Mascot and is the
son of Sasha.  He helps
in typing important
things by walking on
the "Keyboard"! 
When there is a typo, we
can usually attribute
it to his editing.