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Peter G. Nye
Recruiter - Quality Search

Peter G. Nye - Recruiter 

Peter Nye came to Quality Search after a 20 year career in the Financial and Commodity Markets. While a member of The Chicago Board of Trade, he was a partner at GEOFFREY Brokerage LTD.  His clients included Iowa Grain, Merrill Lynch, Prudential-Bach, Cargill and ADM among others.  He has helped to develop and implement psychological aptitude tests for key employee selection and has management experience. Peter has worked with top Fortune 500 companies, building long term client relationships and developing networks of colleagues that were based on trust and integrity.  In is leisure time, Peter is still very active in the Arts and Entertainment world as a musician, promoter and producer. When not at his desk, he has been sighted In Silver Dollar City, MO or Nashville, TN performing his own music or helping others with theirs.  Other favorite pastimes that he enjoys are hunting, fly fishing, gardening and artistic painting.  Life experiences, a warm and friendly personality as well as a caring attitude have served Pete well in his recruiting endeavors.  Quality Search is fortunate to have Pete on the recruitment team.

Contact:   Phone - (219) 851-7478       Email - pete@qsjobs.com