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Jeffrey R. Wolfe
Co-Founder - The Wolfe Group - President , Quality Search

Jeff Wolfe - Co-Founder & President  

Prior to Co-Founding "The Wolfe Group", Jeff Wolfe had a very successful Sales and Sales Management career spanning three decades with several Fortune 500 companies. This included Pitney Bowes, Polycom Corporation and Xerox Corporation where he was a leading performer in Sales and Sales Management for 18 years!  In 1988, Mr. Wolfe began recruiting, representing Quality Search.  Eventually he, along with his son David, eventually formed The Wolfe Group together.  In 2007, The Wolfe Group purchased Quality Search when the founder, Jim Jeselnick retired after 27 years at the helm.  Mr. Wolfe lives in Chesterton Indiana, near Chicago, and is the father of three sons, one daughter and has five grandsons.  His hobbies include doing things with his grandchildren, sailing, biking, running, writing and traveling. 

Contact:   Phone - (219) 926-7772       Email - jeff@qsjobs.com