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You are a Unique Packaging Professional And You Deserve Professional Treatment From Us!

For over three decades, since 1981, Quality Search has worked with Packaging Professionals in their career enhancement, serving their needs.  Our dedicated team of professional recruiters is always ready to help by listening and giving thoughtful recommendations and advice.  If you would like us to contact you, please complete the basic information below:
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Note:  You may also Submit your current Resume to Quality Search to the attention of the representative of your choice below: 
Contact:  Peter Nye (Bio)Email:  pete@qsjobs.comPh:  (219) 851-7478
Contact:  Doug Scripture (Bio)Email:  doug@qsjobs.comPh:  (269) 598-1915
Contact:  Tony Vesh (Bio)Email:  tony@qsjobs.comPh:  (219) 246-2411
Contact:  Jeff Wolfe (Bio)Email:  jeff@qsjobs.comPh:  (219) 926-7772

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