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Learn About Us:

Ever since Quality Search first began in November of 1981, we have concentrated on serving the needs of our Applicants and Clients in the Packaging Engineering arena.  We believe there Is No Substitute for Quality and our goal is always to match a quality candidate with a quality client and position.   Having conducted over 7,000 searches for many of the Fortune 500-1,000 Companies, during the past 34 years, we have become the premier contingency search and recruiting firm in the Packaging area.  With nearly 100 years of combined, reputable, recruiting expertise, our knowledgeable and experienced team of recruiting professionals is ready to serve your professional needs whether you are a client or a candidate!

Our Team of Recruiters and their Contact Information:

Contact:  Tony Vesh (Bio)

Email:  tony@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 926-6831

Contact:  Doug Scripture (Bio)

Email:  doug@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (269) 598-1915



Contact:  Jeff Wolfe (Bio)

Email:  jeff@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 926-7772